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Via Ungheresca Sud, 64

31010 Mareno di Piave (TV)



Negroni Antica Distilleria is located in the heart of the "Marca Trevigiana" (the march of Treviso), encompassed within lands that have been dedicated to winemaking for many centuries. Founded by cavaliere Guglielmo Negroni, it soon acquired fame through his grappas and liquori.

Today, the “Azienda Agricola Conte Loredan Gasparini” continues the tradition of quality.

Extraordinary results were obtained in the production of Grappa by using grape marc from the company’s agricultural holding. Thanks to the Master Distiller's passion and to centuries of local tradition, various historical recipes of NEGRONI ANTICA DISTILLERIA were revived.

The numerous awards and recognitions received in major competitions attest to the quality of these productions.

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The Persica, grappa of Negroni Antica Distilleria, is a blend between the Grappa di Prosecco, peach juice and natural aromas. While remaining in the tradition of the Venetian grappa, this product is enriched in the flavour and the taste from white-fleshed fish, which makes it ideal for a young and friendly people. la ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICSCOLOUR:...

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The Amaretto della Casa Negroni is created by steeping bitter almonds in alcohol. Vanila and cocoa pods are added to this infusion, giving the typical bouquet, soft and elegant. la ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS COLOUR: transparent amber. SCENT: intense, characteristic of bitter almonds. TASTE: with soft almond aftertaste. ALCOHOL CONTENT: 28% vol. la 70 cl.

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Liqueur obtained through the infusion of roots and aromatic herbs together with Taraxacum and Radicchio rosso trevigiano, typical products of Venetian estate. Infusion on selected alcohol basis gives origin to this excellent digestive product. la ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS COLOUR: brown with copper reflex.SCENT: keen aroma, medium intensity. Dominating...

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Amaro Negroni is a liqueur that comes from the infusion of the famous Radicchio Rosso of Treviso I.G.P., more precisely the variety called "tardivo". The fine chicory is cut into pieces and macerated in alcohol (50/60% vol.) for about 90 days. After this period, the infusion is extracted from the pressing, filtered and added with alcohol and sugar. la...

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This liqueur is made from a natural infusion of elder flowers and fresh mint leaves. After the infusion in a hydroalcoholic solution, lime juice is added to give an extra verve to the product. la COLOUR: straw-yellow. SCENT: It has a delicate and balanced bouquet with a good intensity. The elder aroma is dominant, followed by the freshness of the lime....

9,75 €

This liqueur is made from a natural infusion of bitter herbs and spices such as orange and lemon peels, rhubarb, gentian, licorice and quassia. The infusion, in a hydroalcoholic solution, lasts for 20 days and is then filtered using traditional methods. The full-body and strong aperitif. It can express all the powerfull of the aromatic herbs, but...

9,75 €

This liqueur is made from a natural infusion of aromatic herbs such as orange and lemon peels, rhubarb, licorice and spices as oregan. The infusion, in a hydroalcoholic solution, lasts for 20 days and is then filtered using traditional methods. la COLOUR: completely natural TASTE: The taste is definitely drier but at the same time it gives a rounder...

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An infusion of aromatic herbs along with orange peels, rhubarb, gentian, china and liquorice. A low alcohol aperitif with a fresh, fruity scent and a smooth, mellow flavour. A perfect refreshing drink for the summer heat when mixed with Prosecco and a bit of soda water.It is also excellent as a base for long drinks and cocktails. la COLOUR: red. SCENT:...

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From Veneto region, this delicious liqueur is born, created with the typical products of its land: Raboso wine, its grappa, radicchio and the juice of black cherries and plums. la ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS COLOUR: Ruby red with violet reflections. SCENT: strong fruity aromas of black cherry and plums. TASTE: sweetness of the fruits and pleasant bitter...

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An excellent alcoholic aperitif with a distinct herbal flavour. Well balanced. Irreplaceable in cocktails.COLOUR: Green SCENT: fresh and citrus TASTE: taste is sweet and sour and summery ALCOHOL CONTENT: 11% vol.1 lt bottle.

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Bitter with an intense and strong flavour made from an infusion of herbs and spices such as rhubarb, gentian and aloe. A typical italian liqueur with digestive properties. la COLOUR: dark brown.SCENT: complex, characteristic of officinal herbs.TASTE: intense, decisive and persistent. ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 39% vol. la 70 cl.

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This Grappa Riserva is made with high quality marc from red grapes used to produce the famous "Amarone" wine, refined for 24 months in oak barriques, that offer delicious ripe fruit aromas and a great complexity. la COLOUR: bright, intense amber.SCENT: fine.TASTE: soft and balanced. ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 40% vol. la 70 cl.

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