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31010 Mareno di Piave TV


1906 Family Manin started to plant its first Prosecco vines in a sunny valley of the Montello's hills and founded the Azienda Agricola "Casa Bianca". The estate takes its name from the wonderful white house situated in the highest hill of the property, an amazing place that overlooks all the vineyards. Looking southwards, it is possible to admire Venice which is only 40 Km far from these vineyards. The great tradition of Casa Bianca's sparkling wine takes its origin in this marvellous area. It is a light and delicate sparkling wine and its marked personality is connected with the peculiarity of the Colli Trevigiani's soil where the Azienda Agricola "Casa Bianca" owns more than 40 hectares.

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PRODUCER: Casa Bianca GRAPE: Glera (Prosecco) 100% VINEYARD’S CHARACTERISTICS: north-south exposure,in the tipical Montello’s red hilly soil (iron-rich), altitudeof 200 meters above sea level. VINEYARD’S EVERAGE AGE : 20 years. ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 11,00% vol. TOTAL BITTERNESS: 6,50 g/l pH: 3,12 RESIDUAL SUGAR: 9 g/lORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERSTICS: COLOR:...

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This Prosecco DOC is made with grapes from the historic area of Treviso, the most important and renowned area for the production of this spumante that is known worldwide as a symbol of the “Made in Italy” assertion. As a matter of fact, Prosecco is known internationally for its characteristic bouquet and taste, that make it incredibly versatile and easy...

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This Spumante is made using our own estate grown grapes from the area of Treviso, the most important and renowned production area when talking about fresh and light sparkling wines, international symbols of our Made In Italy.Rosé Spumante is appreciated all around the world for its delicate colour, intriguing fruity aroma and its incredible versatility....

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Born from the separate winemaking of the most prestigious Valdobbiadene grapes, it features a very fine, light yellow straw. The cancour and tradition of its bouquet blend subtly with the fragrance.  la PRODUCER: Casa Bianca GRAPE: Glera (Prosecco)100%CHARACTERISTICS OF THE GRAPE: Conegliano-Valdobbiadene hills, DOCG areaEVERAGE AGE OF VINEYARDS: 15...

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This Valdobbiadene represents the qualitative top of the Casa Bianca production, it is a Prosecco Superiore that expresses itself in a very elegant way both in the aromas and in the mouth, with a pleasantness that only the high hills of Valdobbiadene are able to offer. la PRODUCER: Casa Bianca GRAPE: Glera (prosecco) 100%CHARACTERISTICS OF THE GRAPE: best...

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This version of Prosecco is the best known and appreciated all over the world, thanks to the particular pleasantness and softness given by the marked residual sugar. Intense and decisive aromas, hints of just ripe fruit, and notes of white flowers. On the palate, the typical qualities of the grape. la PRODUCER: Casa Bianca GRAPES: Glera (Prosecco)...

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