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Extraordinary blend of vodka produced by Maison Boinaud, coming from the distillation of the best quality French wheat. Thanks to the centenary experience in the processing of blends, the master distiller has created an excellent product.Strong personality, attractive to the taste for its marked purity and refined elegance, with notes of freshness that...

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Over 50 years ago the Penninger Distillery produced a double-distilled juniper spirit. This Penninger classic can be regarded as being the predecessor of our new GRANIT Bavarian Gin. GRANIT combines the distillery‘s traditional skills with the modern-day international market for spirits. la PRODUCTION TYPE: Marceration in neutral spirit,...

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Elegant Blend of Scotch Whisky from various vintages, including a 22-year-old one, created by Maison Boinaud with final aging in the cognac barrels, which make it very fruity and decidedly fascinating. Limited Edition. ALCOHOL CONTENT: 42% vol.  70 cl. bottle 

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