Aperitivo Sambuco

8,61 €

This liqueur is made from a natural infusion of elder flowers and fresh mint leaves. After the infusion in a hydroalcoholic solution, lime juice is added to give an extra verve to the product.


COLOUR: straw-yellow.

SCENT: It has a delicate and balanced bouquet with a good intensity. The elder aroma is dominant, followed by the freshness of the lime.

TASTE: It has a pleasantly soft and sweet flavour. The added lime gives it an intense citrus fruit taste. It has a long lasting and enjoyable persistance.



1 lt bottle.

Distilleria Negroni

It's tipically used as a blending product, especially in the cocktail variety “Hugo”. The low alcohol content makes it perfect for mixing with other products like, for example, tonic water.

The recipe:

  • 3 parts Prosecco.
  • 1 part Sambuco.
  • a splash of soda.

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