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Amaro Negroni is a liqueur that comes from the infusion of the famous Radicchio Rosso of Treviso I.G.P., more precisely the variety called "tardivo". The fine chicory is cut into pieces and macerated in alcohol (50/60% vol.) for about 90 days. After this period, the infusion is extracted from the pressing, filtered and added with alcohol and sugar. la...

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Bitter with an intense and strong flavour made from an infusion of herbs and spices such as rhubarb, gentian and aloe. A typical italian liqueur with digestive properties. la COLOUR: dark brown.SCENT: complex, characteristic of officinal herbs.TASTE: intense, decisive and persistent. ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 39% vol. la 70 cl.

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Resulting from the infusion of aromatic herbs, spices and in particular of Radicchio Rosso, a typical chicory of our area. It has a medium intense aroma with hints of rhubarb, ginseng and citrus fruits. The taste is smooth and well balanced with again notes of rhubarb and ginseng followed by the citrus flavour as a result of the infusion of orange peel...

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Liqueur obtained through the infusion of roots and aromatic herbs together with Taraxacum and Radicchio rosso trevigiano, typical products of Venetian estate. Infusion on selected alcohol basis gives origin to this excellent digestive product. la ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS COLOUR: brown with copper reflex.SCENT: keen aroma, medium intensity. Dominating...

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