"Persica" Grappa and Peach

10,25 €

Online sale Persica Grappa and Peach.
MyQualityStore.it proposes the sale of distilled
spirits Venetian valuable affordable The Persica,
grappa of Negroni Antica Distilleria is a blend
between the Grappa di Prosecco, peach juice
and natural aromas. While remaining in the tradition
of the Venetian grappa, this product is enriched
in the flavour and the taste from white-fleshed fish,
which makes it ideal for a young and friendly people.

light pink.
BOUQUET: peach with white pulp.
TASTE: velvety to peach.

ALCOHOL CONTENT: 40% alc. vol.

70 cl.

Antica Distilleria Negroni

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