Granit Bavarian Gin

34,84 €

Over 50 years ago the Penninger Distillery produced a double-distilled juniper spirit. This Penninger classic can be regarded as being the predecessor of our new GRANIT Bavarian Gin. GRANIT combines the distillery‘s traditional skills with the modern-day international market for spirits.


PRODUCTION TYPE: Marceration in neutral spirit, distillation.
FILTRATION: Granite stones (physical filtering), cellulosis (food safety standard).

COLOUR: Clear, no colour.
BOTANICALS: Combination of 28 different botanicals, including Juniper, lemon, ginger, cardamom, coriander, pepper, including Bavarian herbs such as melissa, liquorice, gentian root, and bearwurz.

SCENT: Juniper, fir needles, citrus, melissa, ginger and pepper.
TASTE: Conifer notes of juniper, melissa and cardamom side with earthy notes of angelic and gentian root. Distinct citric side of lemon and a touch of fruityness of pomerance. Mildness enhanced by liquorice, a delicate spicy note of pepper and baerwurz.



70 cl.

Distilleria Penninger Baviera

G&T GARNISH SUGGESTIONS: Small branches of kitchen herbs, preferably fresh basil or melissa.
FOOD PAIRING: Side with main dish. Serve with beef, pork or game. Cranberry sauce or lemon grass works well.



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