Information according to Art. 13 of Italian law 196 of 30/06/2003

Italian law 196/2003 regulates the treatment of personal information, including collection, registration, storage, and usage.


A) Source of personal information
The personal information stored by the company are collected from the user. Should details be collected from third parties, this general information will be sent to the user when the details are registered. All collected data will be used according to Italian law 196/2003.

B) Goals of data usage
The personal and sensitive information are collected to fulfill the company commitments and economic activity, such as:
fulfilling the contract obligations toward the user
fulfilling the obligations compliant to law and regulations
commercial information
In relation to these activities, the personal information are managed through manual and digital meanings, only to fulfill the goals and in such a way to guarantee the privacy and security of information.

D) Categories of subjects toward whom the information might be transmitted
Your information might be transmitted to organizations and other public and private subject toward whom we’re obliged to perform this request by law or to fulfill contractual obligations, even instrumental, with the user.
Your information might be transmitted to subjects who perform tasks on our behalf (as accountants, IT consultants, mailing companies), or to banks or similar businesses aiming to preserve our credit.

E) Art. 13 User rights
Art. 7 of Italian law 196/2003, accords to all citizens specific rights. The user can obtain from the information holder the confirmation about the existence of own personal information and that these information can be released to the user in a readable form. The user may also request the origin of these information and the meaning of data usage, the deletion, anonymization or block of data used not according to law, the update or integration of information or, for legitimate reasons, to stop information usage.

F) Usage holder
User holder is the company Venegazzù Vini S.p.A. based in Venegazzù Vini S.p.A., Via Cal Trevigiana 7, 31040 Volpago del Montello, embodied by the legal representative Pro Tempore.



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