Grappa di Monovitigno Moscato

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Sale online white Grappa di Monovitigno Moscato.
MyQualityStore proposes the sale of fine single-varietal
grappa at affordable prices, as this Moscato grappa.
The Grappa di Monovitigno Moscato is made
with pure grape marc from the Moscato grapes
Piemontese: these are collected in sealed plastic bins,
fermented at a controlled temperature, and immediately
sent for distillation. The distillation is carried using
the old discontinuous system in a bain-marie,
slowly and strictly controlled.

COLOR: brillant and transparent.
BOUQUET: light, aromatic and pervasive.
TASTE: typical and persistent.

ALCOHOL CONTENT: 40% alc. vol.

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Antica Distilleria Negroni

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