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41,72 €

A classic Blanc de Blancs, where the typical pleasant notes of the 100% Chardonnay that composes it are complemented by the minerality of silicon. Very pleasant to the nose, beautiful and enveloping on the palate, it stimulates all sensations in sequence. Intense, bright yellow color. Fresh and lively with notes of citrus, acacia honey and hints of white...

41,72 €

The elegant dominant fruity note of Pinot Meunier is expressed in the best way. The vintage Champagne manages to express the most refined notes of this variety, while maintaining an important gustatory tension and a power that is enhanced even with decades of refinement in the bottle. la ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 12% vol. la 75 cl.

54,92 €

This is a true Champagne in its pure state, coming from organic grapes vinified in the absence of oxygen, to avoid any addition of sulfites. One of the rare Champagnes that offer fans an absolute naturalness. la ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS SCENT: very rich and full aromas. TASTE: impressive freshness. la CONTENT: 1/3 Chardonnay, 1/3 Pinot Meunier, 1/3...

54,92 €

This original Cuvée is the result of the first pressing of 30 years old parcel Chardonnay called Les Mulottes, which the Family Michel was lucky enough to acquire in the 90s.The nose immediately perceives elegant notes of brioche, combined with classic citrus notes with intriguing hints of white flowers and honey. The taste is a mixture of an important...

70,90 €

This 'CUVEE SPECIAL ROSE' de Saignée is the fascinating result of the traditional blend of Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from 9 crus of the Family Michel. All the grapes are macerated and pressed simultaneously to obtain a juice marked by the fascinating red colour that give to this wine, an extraordinary structure. Surely one of the most...

34,84 €

CARTE BLANCHE - BRUT Champagne is a 3-year cuvée that expresses the true spirit of the JEAN MICHEL Maison. It is unmistakable Pinot Meunier cultivated in the hills of Moussy, a small village 5km from Epernay, in the area defined as the Coteax d'Epernay and part of the wider Vallée de la Marne, area of choice for this fascinating vine. The elegant dominant...

12,25 €

The "Rosa" is a semi-dry wine, produced from the autochthonous Istrian variety Terrano, characterized by an important, harmonious, round body. It stands out for its light pink colour.The scent is very elegant, clear, full of pleasant hints of flowers. The taste is rounded, with freshness. la ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 12.50% vol. la 75 cl.

13,93 €

Ancient vine, cultivated in Croatian since the thirteenth century. The wine obtained from this grape is distinguished from other malvasia for its discretion and delicacy in the aroma. With a characteristic straw yellow color and a clear perfume with a floral-fruity aroma, it is dry, soft, fresh, with pleasant mineral scents. Its flavor is medium-bodied,...

60,78 €

This Cuvée Spéciale Brut expresses all the fullness and nobility that we expect from the great Champagnes. Thanks above all to the strict selection of grapes that come from 7 different crus where the Company grows in Moussy and in other neighboring municipalities. However, the selection process continues also in the cellar to express the true character of...

42,62 €

This is the historical wine of the Conte Loredan and is the expression of the terroir of Venegazzù in the Alta Marca of Treviso north of Venice. Created in the 50's as a result of the best selection of grapes from the estate, it has always represented an avant-garde originality in the interpretation of the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and...

16,80 €

A young Pinot Noir, proposed in a very juicy and inviting version, rich in freshness and very drinkable. Ruby reflections and typical aromas of red fruit and cherry. The taste is nice fresh, with a nice balance of flavours. There structure of the wine is based on a delicate tannin and an appreciable length. la ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 12.50% vol. la 75 cl.

17,62 €

Full-bodied and well structured, it develops a rich aroma of flowers (rose), spices and exotic fruit (lychee, mango). The palate is off-dry and powerful with a long finish. la ALCOHOLIC CONTENT: 13.70% vol. la 75 cl.

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