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The Prosecco Grappa is made with rigorously selected marc obtained from high quality grapes from the Loredan Gasparini estate. Fine and elegant, it carries the characteristic freshness of the selected grape variety, combined with the delicate complexity resulting from the 18 months wood maturation in small oak barrels. la COLOUR: straw yellow and...

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This elegant Prosecco Grappa carries all the freshness of the original grapes combined with the delicate complexity derived from its wood-maturation. Ages 18 months in small oak barrels. l ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICSCOLOUR: straw yellow close to gold.SCENT: fine and elegant.TASTE: smooth and harmonious. ALCOHOL CONTENT: 40% vol. L 50 cl 

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This Grappa Riserva 10 years is the result of a selection of the best marc from the hills of the Marca Trevigiana, North of Venice. It is distilled following the ancient discontinuous method in copper stills, heated using steam, according to the Venetian tradition. It then ages for at least 10 years in refined wooden barriques where it acquires a...

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The Grappa Epoca Barrique is an exaltation of the typical scents thanks to an accurate selection of marc and the followed by aging in small wooden barrels. The result is a distillate of brown colour, with smooth and persuasive taste and an alcohol content of 40%, dedicated to real tasters. la ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICSCOLOUR: straw-yellow with ligth...

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