Wood packaging Grappa Capo di Stato Reserve

40,16 €

Bottle of Grappa Capo di Stato Reserve (1 lt.)
in an elegant wooden box.

COLOR: golden with amber reflections.
BOUQUET: spicy sensation of cocoa, leather, liquorice and red fruit.
TASTE: elegant and delicate.

45% alc. vol.

100 cl

Loredan Gasparini Venegazzù

This precious Reserve was born from the experience
gained from the renowned Capo di Stato Grappa,
made by the distillation of several types of marcs,
used for the vinification of the famous "Capo di Stato" wine.
After 60 months of aging within the barriques
of "Capo di Stato" wine, this Reserve acquires
a beautiful amber color with copper highlights.

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