Wooden box wine Capo di Stato "Lui & Lei"


Wine bottles Capo di Stato "Lui & Lei"
in an elegant wooden box.
Availability in limited and numbered!

PRODUCER: Conte Loredan Gasparini.
GRAPE: Cabernet Sauvignon 70% Cabernet Franc 10%
Merlot 10% Malbec 10%

PRODUCTION AREA: part of the grapes come from the historical
“100 plants” vineyards  (1946 year vineyard) and part
from Falconera vineyard, both located in Venegazzù.

AGEING:  48 months in French and Slavonian oak barrels.
ALCOHOLIC CONTENT : 13,90 % vol.

warm, ruby red.

TASTE: full-bodied and well-structure, persuasive and inifinite.
AROMA: intense and rich of forest fruit and species aromas.

2 bottles of 75 cl.


Loredan Gasparini

This pack contains all the magic of the version that was donated
to the
French President de Gaulle after his visit to the Biennale, in 1967.
The Count Piero Loredan for the occasion did make the Paduan painter
Tono Zancanaro two labels for the bottles to be sent in special gift
to the
presidential couple.
The bottle label dedicated to Mrs. Yvonne bears the figure of a man
with "des roses pour madame", while that for the husband a woman
with the words "... et pour Monsieur the Bombs". The result is the Head of State.

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