Prosecco DOC Rosé

Prosecco DOC Rosé

9,02 €

This Spumante is made using our own estate grown grapes from the area of Treviso, the most important and renowned production area when talking about fresh and light sparkling wines, international symbols of our Made In Italy.
Rosé Spumante is appreciated all around the world for its delicate colour, intriguing fruity aroma and its incredible versatility. In our Brut version, with a low sugar residue, the taste is fresh and crisp making it highly enjoyable.
It has a delicate bouquet reminiscent of red fruits that makes the wine fascinating and on the palate it has a clean taste and a long lasting persistance.


GRAPE: Glera and Pinot Noir


COLOUR: delicate pink with bright reflections.
TASTE: fruity and fresh.
SCENT: notes of red fruits.


75 cl.

Casa Bianca

Our Rosé is perfect on its own as an aperitif but also paired with various dishes, especially fish and fried foods. We also suggest enjoying it in a different and less traditional way, going against common rules, with a few ice cubes and a strawberry or another type of red fruit to enhance its sensuality and its elegant fruity bouquet.

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