Grappa di Venegazzù

16,39 €

Sale online of white Grappa di Venegazzù.

MyQualityStore the sale of Venetian grappa and distillates
quality at affordable prices. This grappa is made from
a rigorous selection grape marc obtained from grapes
of great value: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot
and Malbec Azienda Agricola Conte Loredan Gasparini Venegazzù.
The distillation is carried by the traditional method discontinuous
bain-marie, the only one capable of enhancing flavors and
fragrances in the grapes to get a white grappa of great quality.

COLOR: brillant and transparent
BOUQUET: delicate
TASTE: smooth

ALCOHOL CONTENT: 40% alc. vol.

50 cl 

Loredan Gasparini Venegazzù

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